Anonymous said: how do you feel about your mums and jakes past romantic love?

I’m fine about it because thats history :)

Anonymous said: Have you ever met your grandma and grandpa? (renee&charlie)

No but I have seen lots of pics of them. hopefully i will one day (:

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Anonymous said: you are su cute.i love your dad is very hot and your mumy is very cute. i love so much and jake the wolfman.i love very much your family .

Aww your so sweet. I’ll tell all of them what you said. They will be thrilled (:

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Anonymous said: Before you write another journal entry take some time and study the character of Renesmee. She DOES sleep, Edward doesn't hates Jacob, and she ALSO can eat. She can eat human food and drink blood ( although she prefers blood)

OOC: I know about renesmee I just wanted to change it up some. Geez it’s just roleplaying, but next time ill try harder -_-

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Anonymous said: Hello

Hello. Good day isn’t it!